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PODS Moving & Storage Reviews

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  • Worst customer experience ever imagined

    Terrible service, Pods lost my container and when they found it they took unauthorized funds from my account. They also charged me almost double what was quoted and just took the funds. I have been in contact with " customer service" for over a month no one returns my call and wants to assist. I have filed 4 IR reports and the matter is still unresolved. I WILL NEVER USE TGIS COMPNSNY AGAIN. I SUGGEST YOU STAY AWAY too. They are a scam More...
    Jlevinsohn's Picture   Jlevinsohn    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS damaging expensive furniture

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. While storing furniture in a POD in their facility the soft goods, i.e., a couch, love seat, cushions, a Sealy pillow top mattress and box spring were soiled and rendered uncleanable with what appears to be soot and fire damage. Now they refuse to return phone calls and after 9 calls we have been unable to even talk to someone about damages to our furniture while in their storage. More...
    Dauntless7's Picture   Dauntless7    1 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Wanting Money For Non-Use

    We have had PODS for 4 years. WE called them today, Oct 29, 2012 to pick up the POD and were told that we would have to pay for a full month because the PODS billing date was Oct. 18 and would have to pay through Nov. 18. This is a rip off and people need to think before using them. We have more than paid for a container of this size if we had purchased a larger one and would still have the container. The containers you purchase have a permanent steel top and not the plastic top the PODS containers have. One of the signs on the side of the POD shredded all over my gardens from the weather... More...
    Lori1's Picture   Lori1    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Rip Off Service

    We have had PODS for 4 years. WE called them today, Oct 29, 2012 to pick up the POD and were told that we would have to pay for a full month because the POD billing date was Oct. 18 and would have to pay through Nov. 18. This is a rip off and people need to think about using them. We have more than paid for a container of this size if we had purchased one and would still have the container. The containers you purchase have a permanent steel top and not the plastic top the PODS containers have. One of the signs on the side of the POD shredded all over my gardens. It took me hours to clean... More...
    Lori1's Picture   Lori1    0 Comments   Comments

    I tried to arrange a weekend to pack up my house in Austin and I had to fly in and miss 3 days of work to make this happened but they did not redeliver the POD as promised on Friday. The POD was finally delivered on Monday but they parked it in front of my garage, I explicitly said left side. This means we could not get the car out. They said they would be out in 15mins but it took them 8 hours to come back and move the POD and by that time I was back on the plane, out of money for the plane ticket and 3 days of work. This company will lie at the drop of a hat and has horrible customer... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    muddytodd's Picture   muddytodd    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS

    My nightmare with PODS continues. I have to drive over a thousand miles to get my furniture out of my container. I was told I had a Mr Seymour to help me, never returned any of my calls or emails. He knew exactly when I had to have my POD moved and to where, NEVER got taken care of. I will now have to pay to live in a hotel, drive 450 miles, rent a truck and drive back. I have no idea what legal recourse I have but I will find out. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Dminkel's Picture   Dminkel    0 Comments   Comments
  • FRAUD is an understatement

    VERY interesting article. PODS are trying to take unauthorized money from our bank account after taking out the agreed TOTAL amount just last week. In total, we have had this POD, since Jan 19, 2012, they were supposed to pick it up from our home in Sacramento, CA Feb 1,201 . I had top call PODS 3 separate times because they were not taking the final installment out of our account nor picking up the POD with our furniture that needed to be delivered to Seattle, WA by March 1, 2012. Every time I called, they did not have any pick up date in the system. Urrrgggg. Also, the initial... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • PODS Moving - A huge disappointment

    I planned to use PODS for a cross-country move. My container delivery was scheduled the day before a snow storm. They cancelled the delivery in anticipation of snow (the sky was blue and the sun was out at the time), and did not call me to notify me of the cancellation until after the delivery window. They rescheduled my delivery four times due to the weather, which was understandable, but promised I would be one of the first deliveries when they resumed their schedule. They did not deliver the morning deliveries resumed as promised, but gave a delivery window in the afternoon. They... More...
    stoneell's Picture   stoneell    1 Comments   Comments

    I used PODS portable storage moving company for a move I made from the Mid-South to the Northeast. On the front end, PODS will tell you anything to get your business. They ask you questions like do you have a piano, any large items, how many bedrooms, etc. Then they assure you that you can fit your items into a 16 foot container - "you won't have any problem." Once you actually get the container and the packing begins, it is apparent that all of your items will not fit into a 16 foot container, unless you are moving items from an apartment. At this point, you are stuck... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    2JAM's Picture   2JAM    1 Comments   Comments
  • PODS movingand storage

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I recently used PODS moving and storage to move and store my furniture for a month and a half. When i called in i gave the rep my time frame and asked for a quote. She told me about all the charges and gave me a final quote. I based my choice of company on this quote only to find out later that the second months storage fee is additional. The rep had told me that i would have two payments and i assumed that the second months rent would be in that payment. In fact I even called a different rep and asked what my next payment would be and was not told about the separate second months rent (... More...
    arohio's Picture   arohio    1 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Illegal POD Placement, Damages

    WARNING HOMEOWNERS! - PODS can place a POD at your property without you even having a contract with them, cause damage to your property, and will refuse to pay for any damage they cause! This is not acceptable in any business practice or organization. I'm not even a PODS customer yet PODS placed a container at my house, damaged my property, and refuses to pay for their damages. Yes, you read this totally correctly - I'm not even a PODS customer, just a homeowner that has had the experience of PODS placing a container on my property, damaging my property, and will not pay even... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Pods

    The employes at the Aniheim location in California took the pod called us and said it still had some items in it then they said they would lock it when I showed up to pick up he items $3000.00 in items were missing they sifted through everything even taking the bubble wrap off of he pictures the was ten pictures that my wife wrapped and each one was missing the bubble wrap it was not even on the container for crying out loud. Them they stated that it was locked well when I arrived there was not a lock on the container. Watch out they are liars and and two bit cons that like to steel you... More...
    Ljred2131's Picture   Ljred2131    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not Happy!!!

    Today is Sunday July 3rd. I was scheduled to have 3 PODS delivered Saturday night by 9pm. The PODS did not arrive, and I did not get a call from pods telling me that they would not be delivered. Of course my local warehouse is closed on Sundays and for the Fourth of July. I am looking at getting my PODS on Tuesday at the earliest. Unfortunately I had friends scheduled to help, and hired movers for SUNDAY, not Tuesday or who knows when? Pods response is that they will email the local manager of the warehouse and let him know my concern. So basically my email will be read when the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pleasehelp's Picture   pleasehelp    2 Comments   Comments
  • PODS container BAD Odor

    I ordered a PODS container in Carlsbad Ca 4/10 for storage.I had my belongings stored inside for a year. When I opened the PODS a year later, I noticed an awful smell,& called PODS immediately. They did not return any of my calls for help. 1st they denied that the container had an odor. Then they fabricated different stories as to why it had an odor, none of them the truth, all blaming me! I have thousands of dollars in damage (mattress, textiles, etc). PODS is refusing to take responsibility for the damage they caused. They also continued to bill me & even charged me a $25 late... More...
    VickiLewis's Picture   VickiLewis    1 Comments   Comments
  • I am lucky they screwed up the 1st POD instead of the 3rd

    My experience was infuriating after dealing with incompetent customer service, from both PODS and the supply company. All of whom can only apologize or tell you to cancel your order. Heres my story. I am planning a move from NY to Florida. There are 3 locations in NY that all required PODS (total of 4 PODS) These would then be combined and shipped to Florida. The first site was in Long island. I booked the appointment 20 days prior to delivery, and wanted morning delivery, and was told I that wouldn't be a problem. Pd first deposit, and delivery fees for 1 and deposit for 2nd... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    tmwrsk's Picture   tmwrsk    1 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Detroyed $1,700 worth of our posessions

    We have a confirmed loss of a little over $1,700 and an unconfirmed loss of priceless heir looms and gifts from family due to water, ice, and mold damage resulting from water entering our PODS container while moving from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe. The insurance company (which we paid extra for through POD’s) has refused to respond to our inquiries, and will not allow us to initiate water tests on the container from an independent company. They have chosen to rely on the POD’s water test only – This is a clear conflict of interest and cannot be relied on since they have... More...
    FightPODS's Picture   FightPODS    0 Comments   Comments
  • PODS Miserable Experience

    After spending 7 1/2 hours on the phone/computer with PODS today, was told by the highest level up, most obnoxious, "supervisor" I could get, that in order to have my POD delivered to another zip code location, other than the original destination on the contract,that is actually 2 miles closer to the PODS warehouse,I would have to pay PODS an additional $3000.00 !!(Yep, that's $3000.00!!)Company policy is obviously not "Customer Satisfaction". Infuriating!! Absolutely Maddening!! More...
  • Complaint

    PODS absolutely destroyed our furniture. We moved from Tampa, FL, to Grand Rapids, MI and in doing so used PODS to move our belongings. We had professional movers pack our POD and secure our belongings tightly with rope. All was fine until we received our furniture. Our POD was delivered and we were excited to open it up. Unfortunately we received damaged furniture back. My husband's brand new desk and leather chair was destroyed, and our new couch was bent (among other things). PODS wouldn't take any responsibility for it at all. They kept telling us they would get back to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    TarsiN's Picture   TarsiN    0 Comments   Comments

    Moving from Virginia to Colorado, hired PODS to store and move. We followed through with our contract paying monthly for storage on time. When came time to deliver POD set it up for Fri April 9th they told us someone called in sick had no idea when our POD would be delivered. Now we feel our POD is being held HOSTAGE. We are in an empty house for the last two nights with an 8 yr and 10 month old on the floor. Had already gave up hotel. We have had the run around for the last two days and still do not have our POD delivered! Of course they all can't help and doing the best they... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pissedatPODS's Picture   pissedatPODS    1 Comments   Comments
  • Try Someone Else

    Well, We tried PODS for our latest move from Milwaukee to Texas. After 12,000.00 paid to pods, we have realized this was a major mistake. The things they do not tell you, 50.00 a month insurance that only covers them but you pay, Delivery charges, The worth customer service in the world, Bad Drivers, and etc......What a pain in the A!! to deal with. Everything went great in Milwaukee, even in the middle of a snaow strom, things arrived on time and where we asked. At the Texas end, Fort Worth terminal to be exact, what a pain. The worst drivers, did not follow instructions, placed... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    04cobra's Picture   04cobra    1 Comments   Comments
  • Quote

    I called pods to get a quote to move from Seattle Washington to phoenix Arizona, the price was unbelievably high so I decided to shop around. I found plenty of other moving/storage company's who's prices were all lower. I had decided to go with one of the other companies, but then out of the blue pods calls me up, asking for my business and promising to give me the lower price. I then decided to go with them and gave a prepaid credit card for the deposit, and asked for the card to only be charged the one time, and asked for a contract, they said it would be in the mail in 2 or... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    beaumechanic's Picture   beaumechanic    1 Comments   Comments

    I am disabled and have a care giver to help me out with my needs.I called what the price was for a month and the move of 33 miles,I was told that the rent of the POD was 89.88 for 2 month's and to drop it off will be $70.00 & loaded it an move it when i wanted it moved would be $137.50,an then to come get it after it was unloaded and go back will be $70. more.So the price would be $392.50 an than they gave me 10% off an that made it $375.14,so i said ok but i found out that the closing was put off for at least 2 weeks.So i called to let them know not to move it on the set date an... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jodi22655's Picture   jodi22655    1 Comments   Comments


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